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Audi Sport Driving Academy by Autojuta


Audi Sport Driving Academy by Autojuta

The Audi Sport Driving by Autojuta is a racing-track based high-performance advanced driving education programme. Its aim is to educate drivers, by using theory and physical “hands-on” practice, primarily involving the complexities of modern powertrains and chassis electronics found on virtually all of today’s cars, with an emphasis on its own Audi cars.




Audi RS 3 Limousine 2.5TFSI 294kW quattro S tronic
0-100 km/h per 4,1 s

Audi RS 4 Avant 2.9TFSI 331kW quattro tiptronic
0-100 km/h per 4,1 s




27 year experience in motor sport and sports driving academies




Parnu Auto24


 I sessionII session
Arrival08:30 - 09:0013:00 - 13:30
Presentation and driving instructions09:00 - 09:3013:30 - 14:00
Audi Sport Driving “Group Blue” RS3, “Group Red” RS409:30 - 10:3014:00 - 15:00
Audi Sport Driving “Group Blue” RS4, “Group Red” RS310:30 - 11:3015:00 - 16:00
Lunch11:30 - 12:0016:00 - 16:30
"Racetrack Experience" RS4 / "Audi Sport Slalom Race" RS312:00 - 12:4016:30 - 17:10
Award ceremony and farewell12:40 - 13:0017:10 - 17:30
Notes:Session price for participant 459€
Number of participants: 16